Sunday School

CCFC offers Sunday School classes periodically as part of our Christian Formation ministry. Classes are typically led by staff, interns, or ministry leaders, and meet at church on Sundays.

Sunday Schools - Fall 2017

This 3-week Sunday School explores God’s story in the Bible, in Church history, and in our present lives. Includes a time of teaching, reflection, and discussion. Everyone is invited!

Sundays, October 1, 8, 15 from 11 am to 12:30 pm
Meets in the library (basement)

This class will talk about the movements of God in Scripture, Early Church history, and in our lives. The first week goes over the grand narrative of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the in-between period of 400 years between the two. It looks at how everything points to God's desire to redeem humanity. The second week goes over the formation of the Bible, and the theological debates and heresies in Early Church history to determine the truths we have today. The last week is on God's movement in our lives. 

This class is for everyone who wants to learn more, from people wanting to know more about Christianity, to people interested in the topics, and to parents who want to learn key parts of the faith to teach their children. 
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Past Sunday Schools

Race and Justice Speaker Series, sponsored by the Urban Missions Committee (Spring 2017)
Some of our core values as a church are racial reconciliation, social justice, and urban ministry. To further these values, our Urban Missions Committee (UMC) coordinated a Race and Justice Speaker Series that aims to educate our congregation on issues of race through a biblical and personal lens in the police, incarceration, education, and church systems. 

Old Testament Survey
Are you interested in learning how books in the Old Testament are connected together? This four-week Old Testament class uses the CASKET framework to help you understand the entire Old Testament. The CASKET framework shows the big picture of the Old Testament and how God's redemptive story progresses through history and is fulfilled in the coming Messiah. 

The CASKET timeline places each of the 39 books of the Old Testament into one of six time periods:
  • Week 1: Creation (date uncertain)
  • Week 2: Abraham (2100-1450 BC), Sinai (1450-1050 BC)
  • Week 3: Kings (1050-586 BC)
  • Week 4: Exile (586-539 BC), Temple (530-430 BC).

For more information, visit the website at

Christian Basics - by CCFC Interns (all seminary students)
This four-week class covers Scripture, Jesus Christ, Salvation, and the Holy Spirit and included a time of teaching, reflection, and discussion. We offer it at least once a year.
Race and Justice Speaker Series, sponsored by the Urban Missions Committee (Spring 2016)
Two years ago, Diana Li spoke at CCFC about race and mass incarceration. This presentation will be an opportunity to delve deeper into some of the issues facing our penal justice system, including solitary confinement, recidivism, and wrongful conviction. People of all levels of interest are welcome, especially those without prior exposure to criminal justice issues. 
Diana was a member of CCFC until she graduated from Harvard in 2014. As an undergrad, she worked with our Wednesday Night Group, which inspired her to write her undergrad thesis on the role that faith plays in the transition process that former prisoners face as they transition from prison back into society. She is now a second-year Yale law student, where she is part of the Liman Project, a group that does research and advocacy on prison reform. She recently worked on a nationwide report on solitary confinement, which was cited by President Obama in his Washington Post op-ed. 
**Slides and recording for this talk are available at our sermons page.**
Traction is a local CCFC supported ministry that uses homes to provide multi-faceted support to individuals coming from challenging situations in the inner-city. Traction has housed over 70 individuals and is currently supporting 12 adults and children in supportive housing and 11 others with affordable housing. Traction’s model involves sharing personal resources and faith to help transform broken lives and families. Come hear more about how faith, finances and partnership have rippled like multiplying loaves. 
Leslie Moore, Traction founder, has attended CCFC for 15 years. She has participated in numerous CCFC ministries which she attributes to her growth in understanding of and value for local missions. Leslie has worked with youth and youth adults in the inner city for 15 years. She now acts as a consultant to her former organization and has recently transitioned to supporting the Traction ministry full time. Having come from a large family, she describes her role in Traction as simply “growing the kind of big, messy, challenged family that one might expect to see in the kingdom of heaven on earth.”
**Click here for a recording of this Sunday School**
This hands-on course introduces the issues which refugees face upon resettlement to the US, how we can support them, and what we can learn from them. 
Dr. Russell Jeung has been attending CCFC this past year with his family, Dr. Joan Jeung (Dr. JJ) and Matthew. He has lived in refugee communities for the past 25 years, and his foster daughters are refugees from Burma. With Dr. JJ, he has conducted needs assessments of several refugee and undocumented communities, including those from Burma, Bhutan, and Mongolia. His spiritual memoir, At Home in Exile: Meeting Jesus Among My Ancestors and Refugee Neighbors, shares what refugees have to teach the church in the U.S. 
Heidi Shin came to CCFC as an undergrad many years ago (before leaving to see the world, and returning recently with her family)! The church grew her heart for social justice, and telling the stories of those on the margins. As a journalist, she’s had the privilege of giving voice to these stories. Right now, she's producing a series of public radio + digital stories about refugee resettlement. You can hear them on PRI's The World, local NPR stations, and online. 

**Click here for a recording of this Sunday School**

Curious about what the Bible says about race? Join us for an overview and discussion of some of the primary Old and New Testament scripture passages about race, racial reconciliation, and God’s people. (Note: this is a repeat of a class originally offered in 2014—repeat attenders are welcome!) 
Denise Rosetti is on the pastoral staff at CCFC and has been a member since 2005. Denise’s interest in God’s heart for racial reconciliation and justice was most strongly developed during her time as a student and staff member with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, working with both multiethnic and ethnic-specific campus ministries. Denise loves seeing how God speaks through Scripture and recently finished her pre-Easter goal of listening to the whole Bible (on audiobook) in 90 days. She is looking forward to sharing this class with the CCFC community.
Come learn more about how CCFC is currently responding to issues of injustice and share your ideas about how we can continue to be a community that witnesses to God’s heart for justice and love. 
Asian Americans in the Multicultural Church - by Dr. Russell Jeung
As CCFC seeks to live out the cross-shaped life, what blessings might Asian American Christians have for the church community and for the neighborhood? This three-week Sunday School series explored the relationship of our faith and our ethnicity as we learn how about our giftsboth what we can share and what we can receive from our Asian American brothers and sisters. The class was based on Dr. Jeung's forthcoming memoir about his two decades of urban ministry entitled My Years as a Guest in Exile (Zondervan 2016). Topics, which included short Bible studies, included: 1. Our identity and community, 2. Our gifts in urban ministry and justice, 3. Being and Raising the Family of God, and 4. Our vocational call.

Race and Racial Reconciliation Sunday School - by Denise Rosetti
Curious about what the Bible says about race? This class provides an overview and discussion of some of the primary Old and New Testament scripture passages about race, racial reconciliation, and God's people. 

Battling Unbelief - by Jason Hwang
This 4-week class helped participants understand how unbelief, as the root of all sin, operates in their lives and how to overcome it so that they can experience God’s renewing power and grow in purity and holiness. 

Bytes & Belief - by Marcus Hammonds
Have you ever hopped online to do something simple, only to look up and find hours have passed? Does the concept of not checking your email for an hour make you uncomfortable? Does the thought of leaving home without your phone seem crazy? This Sunday School explored the close relationship we have with our technology. By asking questions about our behavior, and exploring the Bible for examples, we gained insight into our attachment to our devices and the its impact on our relationship with God. See for more info about the speaker. 

Old Testament - by Nancy Persons
Do you find the Old Testament confusing? Do you wonder about the connection between the Old and New Testaments? Do you want to deepen your understanding of the Old Testament? This class provided a survey-type class designed to present the books of the Old Testament as one cohesive narrative leading up to the birth of Christ. Participants came away with a functional understanding of major themes that paint the big picture of the Old Testament, as well as an appreciation for the part they personally play in the redemptive plan that God has crafted throughout history. 

Life After College, Part I--Looking Forward - by Tim Chu
A class for college seniors that covers issues on calling and vocation. Class included:

  • Exploring scripture on discernment and calling
  • Chatting with older, experienced CCFCers about their journeys from senior year to now
  • Discussing meeting God through grad school, work, and unemployment

Redemption - by Jason Hwang
A look at how redemption influences and changes our lives as Christians.

Exploring the Holy Spirit - by Jason Hwang
This class provided a study of Scripture on the Person of the Holy Spirit. We examined what the Bible says about who the Holy Spirit is, what He does, and various significant issues. The material was be based on Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology, teaching materialassembled by David Platt, and sermons by John Piper. 

Understanding the B and the M of Business as Mission (BAM) - by Eul-Shik and Christina Hong
Are you interested in using your professional and/or business skills to impact the Kingdom of God overseas? If so, you might want to consider Business as Mission. This survey course provided an overview of who, what, where, when, why, and how of  a movement known as Business as Mission.