Weekly Announcements - 4/28/13

Seniors' Sendoff Dinner—May 5 after 3 pm service
Join us for a time to celebrate & bless our college seniors in the fellowship hall (CCFC basement)! After dinner, we'll have a time of affirmation and prayer for the seniors. Everyone is invited, especially all graduating seniors! Email unet [at] ccfc-church.org for more info.


Have some time to spare this Saturday? Kids Church needs your help!

Nursery Clean Up—Saturday, April 27, 9 am to 3 pm

We are blessed to have a great space where we our kids can play on Sundays, and want to do our best to keep it clean and safe for our kids. On Saturday, April 27, we are doing spring cleaning in the nursery and we need your help! Cleaning will include mopping and dusting, sorting through the toys, and rearranging and organizing.