CCFC Summer Service Trip: Mexico City

Location: San Sebastian, slum community outside of Mexico City
Dates: July 30-August 6, 2016
Total cost per person: $1250 per person 

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Chimalhuac√°n, slum community outside of Mexico City

What is a service trip?

A service trip is an opportunity for our local church to bring glory to God by strategically engaging with ministries that are bringing God’s love and justice to their local communities. It is a chance to invest resources in ministries that would benefit from an injection of energy and capacity.  These trips are also often a chance for participants to understand how God is working in our world from a different perspective than they might see in their day-to-day.

The team will work with ConeXion Mosaico, a faith based holistic community development organization. Mosaico’s vision is to see urban poor people, churches, communities and cities integrally transformed, renewed with hope and equipped to promote human transformation, seek justice and witness to the good news of God’s Shalom.

Why ConeXion Mosaico?
Mosaico and CCFC are like-minded in our vision and desire to work at the intersection of addressing both spiritual and material poverty. We see great potential for synergy between the two bodies, and in sending our second CCFC team to Mexico City this summer, we seek to support the Mosaico staff and bless the youth in San Sebastian, as well as return with renewed fervor to deepen our impact and ministry here in Central Square and surrounding neighborhoods. 

Specific project:

Team members will spend the week, in partnership with Mosaico staff, running a youth camp for 11-18 year olds. Leading up to the camp, we will design courses for the youth that utilize the professional skills of the CCFC members attending. This could range from sports, arts, public speaking, leadership/business skills, dance, bible study, and more! In addition to the youth camp, we will spend time learning from the Executive Director of Mosaico, Jean-Luc Krieg, and hearing more about their in-depth model of transformation and God’s heart for urban poor communities.

2016 Mexico Service Trip Team
2016 Mexico Trip Team Team
Top (L-R): Albert Chen, Selena Li, Emily Chen, Tracy Bindel, Michelle Sham, Wes McDougal
Middle (L-R): Hansol Kang, Anna Hall, DK Kim, Juan Santos
Bottom (L-R): Benji Moncivaiz, Pastor Larry Kim


Contact Info:

If you have any questions, email Benji Moncivaiz, the 2016 Summer Service Trip Leader at benmonci [at], or the World Missions Committee (WMC) at wmc [at]