Living a Cross-Shaped Life in the Trump Era

Hi all - 
As we work as a church to pursue reconciliation and justice, we want to offer the space to consider our role as Christians and as a church in the current political climate--please join us!   
A group of CCFC members will be hosting a church-wide conversation to wrestle with questions about faith, politics, and our response as a community.  We're hoping to consider big questions with no clear cut answers, so we emphasize that diverse perspectives and ideas are welcome.  
  • THE MAIN EVENT:  Living a Cross-Shaped Life in the Trump Era, Thursday April 20th @ 6:30 pm at the Central Square Library, 45 Pearl Street.  RSVPs appreciated but not required.  As a community, we'll share and hear personal responses to questions like:
    • How has it been for you spiritually to have the Trump administration in power?
    • What spiritual sense are you hearing from God through prayer, a sermon series, etc. about your response to this administration?
    • Do you feel currently comfortable expressing your opinion about this administration?
    • What specific issues are you concerned about, if at all?
    • As the "hands and feet of Christ", what does Christian action look like to you in this time?
    • Where does the church fit in the midst of this?  How do you imagine engaging with the issues that matter to you as Christian, and as part of a church?
  • Prayer meeting, Monday April 17th @ 7 pm in Dorchester.  A group has been meeting for the past few weeks to pray for our world and CCFC's work in it, and we hope you'll join us next Monday as we pray for a fruitful discussion on the 20th.  
  • Small group meetings will build on the April 20th discussion for deeper conversations and next steps about Christian community and taking faith connected steps in the political sphere.  You're invited to attend any one of:
    • Monday, April 24th @ 7 pm in Dorchester
    • Friday, April 28th @ 7 pm in Harvard
    • Sunday, May 7th @ 7 pm in Central
    • RSVP here for the exact address.
Please email me at april.ognibene [at] if you have any thoughts or questions, and we hope to see you on the 20th!
- April, on behalf of the Justice League (coolest name we could think of for our informal group.  learn more/join us next week!)