Sunday, May 14: Race & Mass Incarceration at 11:15 am

Hi friends,
Have you ever messed up? Did you ever run with the wrong crowd? Have you ever been profiled because of what you look like? Did you know that the 13th amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits slavery except if it is implemented "as a punishment for crime"? If so, this is for you.
UMC (Urban Mission Committee) would like to invite you to our next Seminar Series on Race & Mass Incarceration this Sunday (5/14) at 11:15 am
  1. Watch 13th (available on Netflix). See movie screening times below. 
  2. Come to our seminar series - Race & Mass Incarceration on Sunday 5/14 at 11:15 am
  3. Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God. <3
  4. Let us know if you have any questions! Email umc [at]
The (much) longer version:
  1. How can I watch the movie? (And why are you making me watch it before?) Because we've (as a church) talked about mass incarceration before (and because the movie is longer than our allotted seminar length), we'd like this session to start beyond the basics about the incarceral system in the US. If you haven't participated in previous conversations and would like to prepare, please check-out opportunities to watch the documentary, Thirteenth (available on Netflix if you can't make any of the times below). Several of our community members are graciously opening their homes to host viewings, so please email us at umc [at] for more details if you're interested:
    • Dan and Sherwin, Brighton, Tuesday, May 9 @ 7pm. BYODinner. Snacks will be provided. 
    • Florence House (Yi David Yang), Central Square, Wednesday, May 10 @ 7pm
    • Cherry Street (Michelle and Benji), Central Square/Area Four, Friday, May 12 @ 7pm
    • Windsor Street (Jenny Lee), Central Square/Area Four, Friday, May 12 @7pm
    • Olivia and Marie, Cambridgeport, Friday, May 12 @ 7pm. BYODinner. 
    • Leonard (Kogos) and Anna, Fenway/Kenmore (during house church - limited additional seating).
    • Cisco & Shanae, Malden, Friday, May 12 @ 7pm.
    • Marisa Chiang, Cambridgeport, SaturdayMay 13 @ 7pm. BYODinner. Snacks will be provided. 
  2. What will the session be about?
    • We've invited a number of guest speakers to share with us. Each has a personal experience with the incarceral system in the US and will present their perspective and experience. 
    • Topics to be discussed include: a personal testimony, getting involved at the policy level, elements of restorative justice.
    • If there's time after a Q&A, we'll break into smaller groups to brainstorm next steps that we as a church can take.
  3. What are the next steps that we as a church can take?
    • Great question! We're going to break up into four groups to discuss follow-up in:
      • Youth & Juvenile punishment -- how can we work to end the school to prison pipeline? how can we identify and support at-risk youth through mentorship, tutoring, or other support systems?
      • Incarcerated populations -- how can we serve currently incarcerated people? Maybe through letter writing with our Prison Epistle Network, joining Partakers/College Behind Bars, or providing other support...
      • Reintegration -- how can we support those returning back to our community?
      • Policy -- how can we advocate for change?
Let us know if you have any questions!
With ❤,

The Urban Missions Committee