How to get connected at CCFC

We want to make it easy for you to get involved at CCFC! Here's how:
1. Sign up for the CCFC Announcements Email List

Join our official announcement email list to stay on top of what’s happening at CCFC, including upcoming events, Sunday service updates, and official staff communication.

  • We also have a community list for posts such as social events, housing ads, job offers, selling/giving away items, and emails from CCFC ministries. To join, click here. When joining, please include how you are connected to CCFC (e.g. what service and/or house church you attend).

2. Join a house church (what we call small groups)

Transformation happens when we share our lives, and a great place to do this is in a house church. House churches are the primary place where we hope that individuals and families will grow as followers of Jesus, together. 

3. Serve on a CCFC ministry

We're excited to help you exercise your gifts and pursue your passions. Being part of a ministry team is also a great way to meet others in the CCFC community and to get plugged in at CCFC.

  • Visit to learn more and find a match for your specific gifts
  • If you're unsure of where to start, we recommend joining a Sunday service team. We're always in need of volunteers on these teams, and they're a good way to meet others at church.
Any other questions? Send us an email here.