Devotional/Quiet Time Options

As a followup to our sermon this past Sunday, the attached PDF documents provide a practical overview of several ways that an individual can structure their devotional/quiet time.  Please note that these study guides were not published by CCFC and may express views and opinions not specifically endorsed by the pastoral staff.


Weekly Announcements - 9/16/12

How do I join a small group?
Before and after the service today, visit the “Connect” table (in the back before service, downstairs after service) to learn more about our small groups (aka “House Churches” at CCFC) and how you can be a part of one.

Calling all undergrads: uNet Kickoff starts today!
Come meet, greet, and BE FED! Join us today at 5 p.m. (after the 3 p.m. service) on the third floor of CCFC. For more information email unet [at]